Friday, December 24, 2010

With the weather looking pretty cold and no one to sail with the East coast was an unpromising prospect for Thursday. This was a bit disappointing because NE is a nice direction, at my local spot all be it a little cold. It always gives some good side shore condition and good swell.

I am not a big fan of sailing by myself in these conditions (I lost my rig last time!) so the prospect of discussing some projects with Adam Sims and his new brand Silte along with Turfdog development, sounded a convincing argument for a session in Kent.

Slightly upset I had left my home spot in some of my favourite conditions. I was not to fully convinced about the conditions Greatstone would have to offer. Sims was adamant there would be some good ramps for backs and pushes. On arrival I was pleasantly surprised by the decent size waves with a good pitch.

Sailing with Adam never disappoints. I keenly rigging up my 5.3 and was presented with the by a "beautiful" spectacle of Adam in a father Christmas hat and RRD Y fronts setting the tome of the session. I had one of the best sails for a long while, hardly being bothered by the cold and spending at least 3hours out on the water. All in all pretty good fun, trying to keep a Christmas hat out of my eyes mid jump.

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