Saturday, February 12, 2011

South Africa and Turfdog video

It's been pretty chilled since I got to south Africa at the start of Feb. Not much wind at the moment, but it's nice to be in the sunshine. I also got to try out the new 2011 F2 rave twin fin. I was really impressed with the smooth ride and how tight you could turn on a 77L combined with the new Chinook one piece carbon boom(super stiff), I'm really happy with my kit.

New board and flexing trying to bend my boom!!

If there hasn't been any wind there seems to be always somewhere to find some surf. Once the wind kicks in next week wee should have plenty of kit to play with, take a look at the garage pics.

Pulling a lovely face after a duck dive.

Are Garage, with kit still in the cars.

I have also been working on some turfdog videos with a short clip below, with a longer one out soon.

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