Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bye Bye rig

The east coast has been pretty cold and snowy for the last few days. Today there was a little break in the weatherand I managed to get out in the NE wind on my 4.2 at Felixstowe. It was pretty good fun for the first 20 minutes. I was pretty warm and there was a good period between sets, as the waves were being diffracted round the sandbank near the ferry river mouth entrance. I started getting pretty confidently into my jumping until, on the landing of a stalled forward, my board detached from the rig!!! There are quite a few rips on the east coast so after initially trying to save my rig I ditched it and paddled for the shore. I was back on shore in about 5 minutes and sweating, shows how good new wetsuit technology is getting. Sadly no sign of my rig!!!

I thought I would take a look a couple of miles down the coast towards Felixstowe pier. I spotted the rig in the distance a bit far to paddle out and retrieve in the cold weather. I thought I would wait to see if the waves would push it in shore, however the rip was not playing ball and I watched it drift out to sea again with the tide before it got dark!! I was really glad I did not attempt to swim, as I would most probably would have drifted off too!!

A pretty nice day in my garden before I left! Luckily it was a bit warmer on the coast!

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