Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The start of this week was not to good. Getting back to Turfdog HQ only to find that my supplier had sent the wrong parts!! Having six boards to send out I was less than happy, however it seemed to work out for the best. Unable to build any boards until the next week, I powered down to Cornwall for Thursday/Friday session.

Thursday started with an average Marazion session, with the wind dropping off at the end. Not so pleased withhaving driven down, the pub overlooking the bluff near Gwithinan was the next best thing. I watched a few guys go out but the sets didn't seem to be forming right. As the evening progressed the sets started to clean up, leading to a light but really nice little evening session.

Aerial during my evening session at the bluff.

Taken by Scott Perry

Friday was good Gwithian session. I sailed from 10 until 8 then driving back to the student nationals at Calshot, to demo turfdogs. At both gwithian and the student nationals it was good to see loads of familiar faces with a good crowd at both places. I did discovered I defiantly am not a student anymore, really struggling with a hangover on the Sunday. Made even more pleasant by seeing the pics form the Saturday night of me in my rubbish my fancy dress!!!

One of the less embarrassing pics

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