Friday, March 25, 2011

End of my South Africa trip

Its been a while since my last blog update as Turfdog has been keeping me really busy while I have been away.

I had a really good first trip to South Africa and am defiantly coming back. There was good wind for most of the month and plenty to do if the wind was light.

On my way up table mountain with lions head in the background.

One of my favourite parts was testing the new F2 sails which were really light, responsive and powerful. Can wait to get mine at the end of the month.

I also did some cage diving with white sharks. Sadly no pics of sharks as my go pro was lost surfing!!! I was not to scared until Scotty, floating in the cage next me grabbed my leg in a pincer action, scaring the S##t out of me much to the amusement of everyone else in the cage and on the boat!!!

Me, Scotty and Ian Gibson In the shark diving cage.

I was also really impressed with the number of different spots you could sail, with my favourite parts of the visit being couple road trips up and down the coast.



On one trip to elands bay, a few hours north of north of Capetown. We managed to get a bit of surfing for the first day and a half, before windsurfing in the afternoon of the second day. We decided hide are windsurfing kit in the rented house, as local surfers do not like windsurfer one bit. It not being uncommon for windsurfers to have a couple of tyres slashed by the local surfers

Getting up early 5.30 to surf on are final day before the wind kicked in. Me and Ben checked the surf to find the swell had come though in the night. Several gnarly looking older surfers came up to us to have a chat, saying how pissed off they were with the windsurfers at the break the previous day. We kept well quite but on walking back notice the guys were in the house next to us. There were a lot of dodgy stairs as we loaded up are windsurf kit onto the cars. Probably best to get back to cape town rather going to surf farmers (a spot which worked in small swell) and leaving are kit pretty much a big sign. Slash are tyres please!!

Surfing Farmer Burgers on the first day.

I was also luck enough to finish off my last day at cape point. With some nice wave riding just in time to rush back with and put my very wet overweight kit in the plane, thanks for letting it on Virgin!!

Pics of cape pont on the last day:

Cape point was a little tricky getting out as sometimes there was very light winds and reasonably big sets on the inside at the point. A fun day to finish a good trip on.

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