Tuesday, July 3, 2012

East Coast

Like the rest of the UK the east coast has been pretty windy, with 3.7 and 4.2 weather at my home spot; pretty rare especially in summer. Having a full time job means I'm pretty rushed to get on the water .  I managed to get a few picks before heading back to work on one of the days.

 Felixstowe Ferry photos

 Felixstowe may not offer the greatest conditions, but there's a good core group of guys down at the locals who come down when ever there's wind,  sailing anything from the latest slalom gear to 1980s wave boards.  The sport is alive and well on the east coast.

When there's no wind it seem s to be pretty sunny.  It's given me time to test out some of the new Turfdog models freemove and freestyle.  Which both seem to work great for each discipline.   Hopefully some more photos and videos to follow soon.

 Testing the new freestyle board, with new improved tail rail and lightening.
 Dog checking out the local talent!
New Freemove mid gybe.  The new wheel positions make it a caving beast.
  Close up of the new freemove.

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