Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's been a while since my last blog.  Pretty understandable since I have been off the water for about a year now with various knee and ankle problems.  Unfortunately most of my preliminary sails have been in non planning conditions with no waves, including a trip to Fuerteventura!!  I went out with the Stephen Gibson Clinic.  Even with no wind we had a really good laugh.  Managing to amuse ourselves with plenty of golf, surfing and hot tub action!

I was starting to feel like a bad omen, until a good session today at my local spot Felixstowe.  

Cheers to  John, Farrell  and Ed at Moo Custom, Simmer and Chinook for getting my kit to me so quickly.  The board seems to perform really well in onshore conditions.  The extra volume (100L) seems to really help since I have put on a few pounds!  I'm really liking custom boards designs in the bigger sizes.  Generally speaking for myself,  the smaller tail to relative high volume production boards allows them to perform better on the wave amongst other things.

Having said that I am looking forward to the next few months once I am back up to strength, as I have some more new sponsors and projects on the go.  I am going to riding the PuraVidaCustom boards, testing them with Jim of  PuraVida Boardriders.  Pretty excited as I currently work as a Engineer so will hopefully put some of those geeky skills along with on water testing into the boards, to help fine tune them.  Not that Jim need 's much help, having shaped surfboards for years and tested most of the major production boards on the market though his shop .  Not to mention his new shaping set-up,  which I'm pretty jealous of!


The start of my new 90L custom PuraVida, CAD shaped for accurate dimension control.  Cant wait until its finished.  

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