Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pozo 2011, a short trip

I was pretty excited it get some training out in Pozo this year. Rather annoyingly after 5 days of marginal 4.7 Pozo weather, I bailed form an over rotated backy and got my foot stuck in a twisted front foot strap (Which I was going in to tighten after one more run!!!), leading to my knee getting bent in all sorts of wrong ways! Not being able to do much after this I flew back home to have it checked out. The results say I have at lest a couple of months off the water with ligerment damage, just waiting for a few more results to make there's not any more damage!!!!

While sitting with my leg up and Ice with a good old bag of Peas. I put together some clips I had on my computer of 2011/2010. Was hoping for a few better jumping shots but these will have to do.

Clips are form Hosseger France, Cape town South Africa and Pagham in the UK,Enjoy.

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