Monday, September 20, 2010

Hossegor France

After browsing for flights to Brazil (£800!!) I decided to take a much cheaper September trip to France. Before doing some Turfdog promotion in the North of France, my girlfriend and I decided to do some surfing in the south of France in Hossegor. This area at the bottom of the Bay of Biscay is famous for its long sandy beaches and barrelling waves which feature in the ASP Surfing World Tour in late September. I though it unlikely that it would be windy enough to windsurf, as this area is usually pretty light at this time of year, I was lucky enough to have 3 out of 5 days sailing. The conditions were windy enough to float and waveride, with some side/side off conditions making for some good windsurfing in the punchy waves and in a warm slightly less expensive location.

One of the best things about this place is the fact that even in very little swell the waves can be really nice and finally we had a day with 6.5 ft swell, giving up to triple head high faces at some of the breaks. I was pretty excited as in the last year I haven’t had the time to do much surfing and this was the first really good day. In one of my more special moments I decided to take off right on the inside and do a nice air drop wipe out then over the falls with the lip, all on my fist wave! This lead to a good pinning to the seabed followed by a board straight to the head (being too lazy to change to my longer leash) and a nice little gash in the side of my head!! Note to self: THINK!!!!

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