Monday, August 16, 2010

Felixstowe, just when you want it.

After being back from the Canaries I was happy to have a rest and get back to work. I have recently taken over Turfdog, the land windsurf board company, so have been trying to get my head around the paperwork and its future direction. As per usual (within a week), I was itching for my next sail. Luckily for me the wind was playing ball. The last 2 days have been Nothwesterlys, producing cross off conditions at my local spot Felixstowe. At first it was just freestyle, but later we got a few little waves. It's nice just to sail some cross off and sail my local spot. I also have some new sponsors, Chinook UK. I am really looking forward to using the new Chinook gear, as it is high performing equipment which is also really tough.

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